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Esther Hicks is a New York Times best-selling author who claims to communicate for a group of nonphysical beings. These beings, through Esther, give workshops and write books, offering people advice on how to improve their health, wealth, and relationships using various metaphysical laws.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Abraham Hicks' Crop Circle Contradiction

If you have visited this blog, or its sister blog (Kyra Speaks), in the past few months, you've likely seen the article A Delicious Contradiction, which compares Abraham's 1990 discussion on crop circles with a 2004 discussion on crop circles. Today, I have clips from both workshops, side by side, so that everyone can assess what Abraham is "really saying" for themselves.

In the 1990 version, Abraham discusses how "they [beings of a physical nature from another dimension]" are "setting down" on wheat to collect seismic data. In the 2004 version, Abraham says that crop circles are entirely man made.

*Clips are used under Fair Use for criticism and are minimal portions of Abraham Hicks Publications' workshops.


Alaska 2004

Stay tuned. I will be posting audio clips from other Abraham contradictions/errors.


  1. Clips don't work on my Mac. :-(

  2. I may be uploading the clips to youtube soon. That should make it easier. I'll let you know when I do. ; )

  3. My favorite part of the second audio clip is how you can hear her audience in the background (after hearing they are man made) almost gasps at the profound information they are hearing.

    Goes to show how people won't believe proof or science about certain things like "crop circles." But hearing it from the Hicks is solid gold.

  4. Detached Observer, who needs science when universal wisdom is pouring from the fountain that is Esther Hicks' lips?

    I would like to add that, in the original workshop of the second clip, there are some more amazingly unscientific claims. In fact, Esther (as Abraham) makes it clear that our scientific apparatuses in measuring the age of the earth are not even close. They also say that there have been more technologically advanced civilizations on this planet, before this time. It must be really nice for Esther to be able to say anything--without a shred of evidence--and not have any of it questioned by her (or "Abraham's") adoring fans.

  5. Now this one is good because it shows facts without interpretations and opinions. Its interesting that the two recordings have different claims, but then again - both are just a part of their actual recording and Abraham like to be funny too - the second one is just 16 seconds, wonder what they said after that.

  6. Nimita, all of these can be found independently of me. The only reason I cut them down is because I have to for legal reasons. Abraham has far more workshops where they make it clear that crop circles are man-made. Find them, listen to them, and come to your own conclusion. I'm not here to make up people's minds for them. I'm just putting the information out there so that others can come to their own conclusions.

  7. Whoops! I think that Abraham (Esther) forgot what they were saying back in 1990. Then they must have seen the news on TV and changed their tune regarding whether crop circles are man made or not. Thanks for enlightening us on the truth.

    Check out what others are saying about Abraham and whether or not they are for real at


  8. I am new to this site and I do love Esther Hicks. I have been helped by her and I have suffered from getting stuck on some of her assertions.

    I would like to point out that you are very close to understanding what other teachers (Eckhart Tolle, and all spiritual teachers throughout history) have been trying to tell us. You are correct, obviously, that there is a contradiction in fact here. What Esther does is sense what would bring relief to her questioner and she validates what makes them feel relief -- the truth is in the gasp you here in the background. The truth is the feeling that person is feeling. The factual truth is insignificant in comparison. Yes. Insignificant. Completely irrelevant.

  9. cont.

    What you are identifying or trying to identify is not deceit but paradox. Paradox cannot be contained or understood by the rational mind. Hence the reason why Teachers will say that they can only "point the way" or "you cannot get there through thought." The non-rational mind however can *experience* it, and to it, paradox feels like love -- ecstacy! Dry facts would hold Esther, and everyone she helps, from moving toward alignment (love).

  10. cont.
    The resentment you feel toward Esther and Jerry is due to the fact that you held yourself in a place of pain for the sake of a thought rather than tending to your feeling of pain/relief. When she says untrue things, all the better! Those are the statements that will help you overcome your bias toward thought over feeling! The struggle to choose to *feel* better over your desire for the alignment of "fact" with "reality", over thought of *any kind* -- is *consciousness*! Consciousness is the ability to *choose* to be who you really are (love manifested in infinite interesting ways) in the face of other "truths" (that seem to conflict with your personal joy.) There is no one truth other than "loving inclusion" or *all truths coexisting* -- what she ultimately wants you to do is choose your bobbing cork over fact, over negative thought and over Her(!) -- she can't be that constant "validator" for you personally, she can only give you a taste of what it is like to have your feeling, your truth, validated. Choose your bobbing cork over all else. Because the only one who can or would do that for you is you. She chooses *your* bobbing cork when you are her questioner (when she answers the question in a way that makes you feel better) -- that is how she guides you. That is her way of pointing the way. *Your* way to *your* bobbing cork. Other teachers don't do that. They will attempt to describe or tell you what it is as best as can be approximated. But in my mind Esther really is wiser than them all because *motivation* is entwined in everything she says. *The questioner's motivation* and *Her motivation* -- and for a thrilling moment on that stage those two motivations become one and you experience the reason for Being. If there is an overarching Truth, that is it. And she generously chooses words in an effort to help you experience it -- "facts" be damned.

  11. cont.

    Which leads me to your bobbing cork. Is it really your source of joy to "prove" the deceit of Esther and Jerry Hicks? It feels more like outrage and the validation of outrage. Which is fine. You should feel validated, as I was just saying. However, your outrage serves a far more wonderful purpose. It sounds like the magical end of that stick you are waving is to research and compile scientific proof of the magic that is possible! And there is such proof!!!!

    Here is the site of an honest to goodness scientist (Stanford University researcher btw -- not a "mad" scientist) working to elucidate the scientific basis of these beliefs:

    Here is a link to a lecture by a brain scientist named Jill Bolte Taylor's about her experience in how *rational* thought limits us:

    Meditation is a scientifically proven 'technology' for happiness and health. Dr. Herbert Benson of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine has done extensive research on it's effectiveness:


    Strive on!


  12. Hey Anya,

    Thank you for commenting. I have not denied that there is benefit to meditating or the existence of the placebo effect. I am denying Abraham's claim that the body can come into balance from anything (including AIDs) just by changing one's thoughts. I am denying pretty much all Abraham's "Teachings in Brief"--which there is no scientific evidence to support. In fact, most of them beg the question of whether or not LOA or a Source even exist. I am denying the existence of LOA, which cannot be scientifically assessed by its very nature. If you are suggesting there is science to show the existence of these things, I have to disagree.

    Bruce Lipton is also a fan of kinesiology, and I'd like to see a double blind test where kinesiology worked. He is also not a theoretical physicist, but seems to insist he understands quantum physics enough to force consciousness into it (which is quantum mysticism by definition--not quantum physics). As for Jill Bolte Taylor, a lot of her work is based on her anecdotal experience--that's not science. As much as I love scientists, we still have to look at their work and assess whether or not it is science or bullshit.

    I am not a fan of the "'facts' be damned" school of thought. There are facts. That's just the way it is. I don't care what someone believes about gravity; it's still going to affect them. I don't care if someone believes Adam and Eve populated the planet; it still didn't happen that way. I believe in facts. And I think it's absurd for anyone to claim that they don't.

    It's great that you've found a way to justify Esther's errors and contradictions, but it doesn't change the fact that you could just as easily make up those excuses to defend an actual fraud.


  13. Hello,

    Hopefully you are not implying that meditation is a placebo.

    It *is* possible to cure AIDS. Science *believes* so. If a scientist did not have the *optimistic thought* that it was possible, why would they make the discovery of such a cure their lifes work?

  14. cont.

    It is simply *our idea* of *thought* that limits us. We can have the exciting thought that this or that new pill could be the answer and try that...thought leads to action. An amputee could get a new hand -- the first hand transplant was performed fairly recently. If no one thought that that was possible it would not be attempted. The person who got the hand is overjoyed! She did not *think* that she could grow a new hand like a salamander -- if she had, she would not have been there to receive the transplant. Esther is not saying that we just sit around and think nice thoughts and all will be well. That is what many are hearing but that is not what she is saying. In fact, Jerry Hicks is going through intense chemotherapy as we speak. They did not have anything against it apparently. He did not beat himself up with the *thought* that he should be able to get better with *perfect thoughts*. But he went to the doctors to find out what the bump on his skin was and he went along with the suggested therapy with a relaxed and happy attitude as soon as he was told what should be done. He recognized that the *thought* of going to an expert made him feel better. he recognized that the *thought* of letting the experts do what they thought best would feel better. And he recognized that he would best help himself if he made the best of it and relaxed into the treatment. If I had cancer I would go to a raw food retreat and probably die -- satisfied that I had done what I believed in.

  15. cont.

    I have experienced getting stuck on my understanding of her words instead of doing what is right for me. I understand your anger and I have experienced anger about their teachings too -- and then realized that it was the limitation of my own understanding that led me to pain. She is not doing anything fraudulent. She is saying what she wants to say and people want to hear it. If anything, your problem with them is that they don't try to protect people from their own misunderstandings. Esther knows that the euphoria or joy or happy emotion created when people read what they have written is True and Good. They know that many people do not remember that emotion -- and that it is a gift to experience it again. They know that that emotion or the prospect of having that emotion again is what makes life worth living.

  16. cont.

    Of course there are facts. Of course they can be relevant. Her purpose however is to help you feel elation. Toward that end she lets facts that are unimportant go. She tells stories. She is uplifting. I have never heard her give unkind advice. I have never heard her be mean or give specific detrimental advice. I have heard her try to clear up misunderstandings. I have heard her say "Be careful..." about a specific manifestation, but I have not ever heard her misguide anyone in a specific way. She speaks on the level of essence so what she is saying feels applicable to the broadest number of people. This is where we tend to get confused. We are mired in matter and can easily attach specificity to her words where none was actually spoken.

  17. cont.

    I know that Abraham is her *creation*. She herself does what she recommends -- she creates, she says, she writes what feels good to her. A fictional story may be full of Truth! It is for the concrete thinkers among us that tv shows write on the screen "This is a fictional story -- any resemblance to real people or situations is purely coincidental." I know that many things that she says are not true (lower case t) but might as well be true because for many of us they are freeing ideas. Most of the things she says *might as well be true.* And that is the case with all religions. Of course Adam and Eve were not real -- it is a metaphor about consciousness! Just because I do not think it is literally true does not make it unTrue (capital T) or without value. The beautiful difference between religion and Esther is that she tells you straight up, "If it feels bad it is bad -- think a better thought, go pet your cat, etc." She validates human variety. She basically gives you permission to ignore anything she says that you do not like. That is a huge difference from any other spiritual school of thought that I have ever heard of.

  18. I am not sure why you think LOA does not work. You have created a community of skeptics to validate your rigorous investigation of Jerry and Esther Hicks. You freed yourself from the thought that they are Right about Everything. Good.

    For me, writing these comments has been an exercise in perception for my own clarification. Nothing I have said is meant to be mean or negating of what you are doing. I hope you will see it as an exploration of thought -- and rock on!


    PS. If I felt I had been the victim of fraud I would get out of the situation asap. Ultimately, Esther's teachings are bringing me around to the acceptance I have so desperately needed. Shit happens, adjust course asap and pack your life with as much joy as you possibly can. Good advice, I think. (Although summed up in that way, probably would not get me any followers :) )

  19. Just to clarify:

    "If I felt I had been the victim of fraud I would get out of the situation asap."

    I would *not* defend fraud. I would get away from fraud. I do not feel deceived. It is good that you got out when you felt deceived. But in my opinion Abraham is about as deceptive as a metaphor.

  20. Hey again Anya,

    Thanks for the (several) comments. I believe you misread my statement about AIDs. "I am denying Abraham's claim that the body can come into balance from anything (including AIDs) just by changing one's thoughts." The key there is "just [as in, solely] by changing one's thoughts." People have not been mentally healing themselves of AIDs with the Abraham processes. Period. End of story. And I wasn't calling mediation a placebo. The placebo was in reference to the mind-body connection you spoke of. Meditation can relax people. Beyond that, not much.

    If you are implying that Abraham is saying that you cannot do this work solely mentally, you are mistaken. They talk specifically about the cells in your body's ability to regenerate. When asked about a person who wanted to grow a new set of teeth, they said, "Find the feeling place of your perfect teeth. As that becomes the familiar vibration -- the cells of your body have the regenerating quality to produce the outcome that you are fantasizing." They are talking about cells regenerating. Not dentures. They always talk about the cells ability to come into balance--by themselves, when we get out of the way. They say when discussing a man who wants to get better from AIDs (Atlanta, GA 09/19/1999), "You could be diagnosed with every deadly disease known to man -- but you could be lying in your bed in a state of utter allowance, and allow the Energy of Source to flow through to the cells of your body -- and you would have an instant healing!" and "It's not your job to maintain the cellular balance of your body. The cells will do it!" and "Mending a physical body is the simplest thing in the Universe, because the cells are eager to transmit and receive. Universal Energy, or God Force, is eager to transmit and receive. And if the consciousness involved, which is the personality that you know as you, is in an open and receiving way, then those responses can be restored in the moment -- in this moment" They are talking about how cells able to come into balance on their own (from AIDs). Not the latest medical discovery getting your cells to do it.

    They even say that they are able to bring people into alignment:

    "Some people are very receptive to our energy and receive healings even as we address them. If their wanting is strong and their belief is high, they happen continually."
    03/02/1997 San Francisco, CA

    "We could take an example of the person who is noted by medical doctors to be the sickest of the sick, and if we could hold them in suspended attention for an afternoon, their diagnosis would change."
    2003/05/17 Boston, MA

    With the last quote, I'd like to point out that they are saying this would happen in spite of doctors (not because of some great discovery they make).

    As for Jerry using chemo, this is what Abraham said in 1997: "In reality, we have never encouraged Jerry or Esther to take any sort of medication or medical treatment because we know it is easier to teach them with what they know how to find their vibrational harmony with energy." - Abraham Hicks 03/02/1997 San Francisco, CA. That doesn't sound like they thought Jerry would ever need to take the medical route to me.

    And the most important issue of all is that they say anything you want is yours to be, do, or have. People are asking for limbs to grow, AIDs to disappear. And if you are implying that Abraham is not saying those things are possible, then that is a huge flaw in what their words--not people's interpretations.

    I understand why everyone wants to make it sound like Abraham's message is something different because they don't like that it doesn't work, but you can't just reshape what they are saying to make the inconsistencies go away. And calling their material a metaphor is sickening and surreptitiously advocates the dangerous parts of the philosophy.

  21. Thanks Anya. If I had any doubts about the cult-like mentality Abe-Hicks created they have been put to rest. No doubts, good right?

    I've read all the Seth books Esther says inspired her and Jane Roberts, whatever you believe about her, never said you just have to think happy thoughts and everything you want will come to you, or to not think about your fellow human beings or feel responsible to the rest of humanity. She talked about examining your beliefs and expectations and how these affect you and how we tend to block out information that contradicts our most closely held beliefs. And that one should never be afraid of "negative" thoughts or that one's emotions are more valid than one's intellect.

    And more importantly you should always go to a doctor. Whether or not your beliefs created your illness, it's too difficult for an individual to take it on themselves to be cured simply by thinking thoughts that make them happy.

    Look at Jerry, he's using the "big guns" of medicine, he's not reaching for a happier feeling to deal with his health issues. Which is NOT the advice "Abraham" has given to cancer patients in the past.

    I'm not advocating the Seth material or any other new age ideas, but Jane Roberts never had pricey seminars or cruises and actively discouraged people from trying to turn her or the material into a following or cult, or put the ideas presented above their own common sense. She actively questioned whether the material was a creation of her own subconscious mind and was genuinely skeptical about it. This is not something that 'wise' people like Esther or Eckhart Tolle EVER do. They proclaim they have The Truth or the wisdom of pure Source Energy. And if you disagree there is something wrong with you or you are too "negative."

  22. Ah well, they had to change their stance because there's been all the media attention on groups admitting they were man made. I think some even filmed themselves making them. So if Abraham kept with their old statement with the new knowledge that they're man made, they'd look like idiots and lose customers. It's always about keeping the customers... keeping them guessing and blaming themselves and coming back to seminars and buying CDs and books to understand more about how their vibration must be off if they're not getting what they are wanting. Gotta love the beauty of the built in 'customer is always wrong' aspect of this LOA stuff. This way, it is NEVER, EVER, EVER because Abraham is a scam. Jerry must be laughing himself all the way to the bank right now. And in this economy, I suspect business is probably up due to desperation of the masses, which only makes them even more evil for taking advantage of people who are really down.

  23. Starlitegirl,

    I agree. Jerry and Esther didn't want to appear "uncool" by going along with something that was being so openly ridiculed as fraudulent.

    I definitely agree that the "customer is always wrong" aspect of the teachings is very important. It's what kept me with them for a long time.

  24. I'm loving that they're kicking people out of the hot seat now though because they're are absolutely destroying their business.

    I look back now and see that I spent all that money on their CDs, seminars, and books searching for the little tidbits that would help me understand why I couldn't get it right despite Abe constantly saying that we couldn't get it wrong. What a total mind screw that is!

    This is for any Abraham follower who happens to read this:

    If you are getting it wrong even though 'you can't ever get it wrong' then the ONLY logical conclusion is that the one telling you that you can't get it wrong is lying to you. It's not you. It's THEM!

    You will ALWAYS get it wrong when you experience things not going right and still choose to believe it when someone tells you that you can't get it wrong. If you can't ever get it wrong you wouldn't have ever needed to listen to them.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

  25. I am just starting to check out Abraham - Hicks which led me to this site. Though I have spent a lifetime looking at a myriad of books and religions, and know through this and also instinctively, that spirituality is a huge part of life and entwined with the main reasons we are here. I have never liked the 'have faith in the unseen' is a needed part of religion, to prove your belief. I am a huge fan of 'facts'.

    I just want to interject a little observation here. in spite of the subject being crop circles and Hicks, one of the underlying themes here is LOA and creating something in by mentally attracting it or causing it to be, is what you are skeptical about and arguing does not exist.

    The irony is that within your comments is the proof that you DO know it to exist. Also that it is scientifically proven ...and you accept that proof.

    And what is that proof in your comments? The proof is 'Placebo effect' and the irony is your understanding of the phenomenon and acceptance of the scientifically proven existence of the placebo effect.

    Ironic because, the placebo effect itself is the perfect example of thought changing physical reality.

    i.e. the body physically manifesting (i.e. a cure) because of a thought (i.e. your mind believes)

    ...with a placebo (non medicine.. sugar etc) scientifically proven to not contain any physical curative or element that can effect change or that cure …thus cures through placebo are definitively through the mind ..i.e. by thought!

  26. Hey Barch,

    Thank you for checking out the blog.

    Ironic because, the placebo effect itself is the perfect example of thought changing physical reality.

    i.e. the body physically manifesting (i.e. a cure) because of a thought (i.e. your mind believes)

    ...with a placebo (non medicine.. sugar etc) scientifically proven to not contain any physical curative or element that can effect change or that cure …thus cures through placebo are definitively through the mind ..i.e. by thought!

    This is the same as someone suggesting that a cut being able to heal itself is proof that the Abraham materials are correct about the body being able to heal itself. The Abraham materials say that the body can heal itself of any ailment. And just because a cut can heal itself of something like a cut, does not mean the body can heal itself of things like HIV.

    Similarly, you say the placebo effect is proof that the Abraham materials are correct about thoughts being able to change reality. However, the Abraham materials' claim extends beyond this, saying that changing our thoughts can cure our bodies of any ailment (like HIV, Parkinson's, and cancer). The placebo effect is a known phenomenon that does not cure things like HIV, Parkinson’s, and cancer. Most of the placebo effect works on the subjective parts of illness (i.e. pain) and not on objective conditions (like the healing of a wound). This is not the same thing as the mind/body connection that Abraham espouses. So while I believe that cuts can heal themselves and that there is a placebo effect, neither of these things are equivalent to what the Abraham materials are saying.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Hey Barry (Barch),

    I have deleted your recent comments on account that you clearly have no desire at having a civil discussion about this. If you change your mind, feel free to re-post. I don't have time for people who aren't even willing to take the time to read my comments.

    For anyone who may have the same confusion as Barch, my response to his initial comment is just a long way of me saying he is making a hasty generalization. The first paragraph has nothing to do with the placebo effect, but is an example that shows someone making a hasty generalization about a separate situation. In the second paragraph, I bring it back around and explain why Barch's logic is a hasty generalization.

    Hasty generalization from my first example (not Barch's):

    A cut can heal by itself, so the body can heal by itself.

    Hasty generalization from Barch's example:

    The placebo effect shows that thoughts can affect the body, so that is proof of LOA.

    In both examples, the person is making a hasty generalization.

  29. People all around the globe were convinced or strongly believed that the Earth was FLAT for thousands of years without questioning that belief, 'thinking' so for so long, that surely did not make it true. Oops.. the Earth is in fact round :)

    ABRAHAM: "That's how the scientist's discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis--an idea--and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true. You see?"

  30. I'm constantly amazed at how Esther never makes a mistake and "breaks character" as Abraham, and I like to listen for any instances where she may do that. Listen to what she says at 2:23 on this clip:


    I'm not an expert on all this, but when she's channelling Abraham, doesn't she always speak in the plural? And doesn't she absolutely stay in Abraham until the session is over? If so, then why does she say "my teeth"? Just wondering.

    Having said all that, I love Esther as Abraham and I usually find her hilarious or at least entertaining. This clip is one of those times. I think that most of her messages are positive, and I pluck those that I like and find that they help me stay in a good frame of mind for as long as I can. Other than that, I have never spent one cent on her and her products and don't ever plan on doing that.

  31. Hey Robert,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I think what is happening in this youtube clip is that Abraham is speaking in the first person for a someone who is trying to get into the vortex. When she says "my teeth" @ 2:23, Esther (as Abraham) is still playing the role of a person who is meditating. That said, I don't think this is a mistake or Esther "breaking character."

    I agree that Esther is incredibly charismatic, and her charm and wit are a lot of the reason why people are drawn to the Abraham materials.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  32. Well dang. I thought I caught her! It truly is amazing that she is able to stay in character like that.

    I wonder why she and Jerry do this. If they already had plenty of money, why put on this big show that could be exposed as phony if they made one wrong move? Or maybe she really does believe in Abraham? Whatever the case, it's fascinating.

  33. Hey again Robert,

    Having been trained in improv, and knowing others with basic to mediocre improv skills, I can't say it's all that impressive that Esther stays in character. It's fairly easy, especially when you get into the rhythm of it. Also, as Abraham quips, they pretty much say the same thing, so she's pretty much redoing the same routine over and over again--with nuances changing as the vocabulary is tweaked. It would be more impressive if she never stuttered or she never backtracked, but she does these things all the time.

    There are lots of reasons for creating this sort of business. Historically, some of those reasons don't have anything to do with money. I do tend to believe that Jerry and Esther started this as a money-making gimmick, particularly considering their Amway past. As for making wrong moves, channeling is one of the safer paths for charlatans to take. Psychics have to worry about getting caught in errors or mistakes and phony healers have to worry about incurable patients realizing it's a sham as their bodies continue to deteriorate. There's no actual way of assessing a channeler's wrong move. Even if Abraham makes a mistake, as they did with their "earth changes" predictions, they are able to offer fans a quick explanation that sets their minds at ease. In channeling, anything can be explained away as a misinterpretation by Esther or a misinterpretation of the listener, so there really is no liability.

    From time to time, I consider the "she really does believe in Abraham" idea. There is even an idea rolling around that Esther--knowing Jerry's interest in the metaphysical and his tendency to stray (hence the multiple marriages)--created Abraham as a means of keeping him with her. I lean towards the idea that they are in on this together because there is so much emphasis on the money-making aspect and it seems very reminiscent of their Amway days.

  34. Dear Kyra,

    Is there someone you would say you "love"? Can you prove that scientifically? Addtionally, what exactly is your beef? You seem to spend way to much energy on this.

  35. Hey Anonymous,

    While there is science being done around the idea of love, my belief about my love for a person is not a scientific claim. It's my belief. LOA is a scientific claim. It makes a claim about the world that can be tested through experimentation to determine whether it is a valid concept.

    It's interesting that you asked "what exactly is your beef," considering the text above my profile info actually says "My Beef." My beef is that the teachings of Abraham are pseudo-scientific and make unsubstantiated claims about the nature of reality. I spend a lot of energy on my blogs because it is something I am passionate about.

  36. The first clip from 1990 is obviously not Esther's voice! You Kyra are the fraud! I've heard all recordings since 1990 and none of Abraham's voices sound like that one!

  37. Stan L,

    The recording can still be purchased from Abraham Hicks Publications:


    This particular sound-byte is from the section called "Wheat circles mystery."

    Her voice did sound like that in 1990, since this recording is quite clearly her.

    PS: I actually already gave the date of the workshop, so I am surprised you didn't check the website to verify.

  38. Thanks for this website!! I was getting way too into AH.
    Even if some people think the Hicks are sincere, don’t they wonder WHO these entities are that are speaking through Esther? They aren't God himself, so why do they take everything they say as if it was God talking? Just because they aren’t human, doesn’t mean they have all the answers or right information? And even though it seems very generous of them to share their knowledge, who’s to say they don’t have their own selfish motives behind it all. Couldn’t they still become corrupted by the power they yield over so many human beings? Even a believer has to listen to ”them” with a "grain of salt", so to speak, and see if what they are saying is working for you or not.

  39. I don't see any contradiction in her explanation of crop circles. I can believe that there could be human beings or "man" on many dimensions. The proof is in the pudding, if this stuff makes your life better then what more is there to say.

  40. No actor even in those in Hollywood or trained by rada are that good and consistent with improv as the naive and ignorant statement made in these comments. It is Esther's absolute consistency and eloquence that convinces people of her authenticity. Not to mention that her message is one of well being and positive in its encouragements. Also I learnt all the Abraham teachings from free you tube materials and online info. If she was out to make a quick buck she would surely have these things taken from cyberspace but she doesn't because she is here to uplift and financial rewards are a bonus. No I'm not affiliated in any other sense that I know te truth when I hear it and this blog if anything is trying to hang onto the coat tails of a true master and evidently failing.

    1. The post you are commenting on is actually an error/inconsistency in what she says. I also discuss one of "Abraham's" more blatant errors in the following post:


      Re: "If she was out to make a quick buck she would surely have these things taken from cyberspace but she doesn't..."

      She actually does try to get these things taken down. She's stopped various Youtube accounts from posting her videos. She's also sent cease and desists to torrent groups. For more info:


      Thank you for your comment.

  41. Hey Kyra,

    Thanks a lot for putting the time into posting this. I really appreciate it because I too first bought into this Abraham crap, thinking it's real and wanted to hear and learn more. But then I realized, just like you, that things don't sound right and they keep being repeated over and over. So, I realized it's all staged. I blogged about this a few years back. If you don't mind me sharing the link, here it is


    I kind of find it disturbing that some Abraham fanatics are so delusional, that when I show them your link to these contradictions they refuse to listen to the 2 audio clips. And all of this because "Abraham" copies stuff from Seth books and Law of Attraction that has been said many times before; so, it resonates with some folks and they think Abraham is real, which he is not.

    Good day.

  42. KYRA,