Who Is Esther Hicks?

Esther Hicks is a New York Times best-selling author who claims to communicate for a group of nonphysical beings. These beings, through Esther, give workshops and write books, offering people advice on how to improve their health, wealth, and relationships using various metaphysical laws.

Abe's Peculiar View of Science

I gave neurologists a chance to cringe. Now here's one for all scientists.

From Abraham Hicks' Caribbean Cruise: 2010

ABRAHAM: That's how the scientist's discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis--an idea--and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true. You see?

We know that people were not floating around, then gravity was discovered, and we all got pulled down to the earth. It always has been, and we can test it as many times as we want, and it will still be there. Science doesn't create science. It analyzes the world to see how science works. And when we discover something new, the effects of that science are not new. They have been around far before their discovery and continue to exist long after. The only thing that changes is our awareness of how the science works.

Is Abraham asking us to believe that things like gravity, evolution, and quantum mechanics didn't exist till we knew what they were? That those like Newton, Einstein, and Darwin were just powerful creators that managed to effect the past and present so powerfully that they made the world in the image that they fancied?

Thank you Abraham for the junk science.

You can listen to this ridiculousness here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9REx5_1S2R0