Who Is Esther Hicks?

Esther Hicks is a New York Times best-selling author who claims to communicate for a group of nonphysical beings. These beings, through Esther, give workshops and write books, offering people advice on how to improve their health, wealth, and relationships using various metaphysical laws.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Abraham Hicks' Crop Circle Contradiction

If you have visited this blog, or its sister blog (Kyra Speaks), in the past few months, you've likely seen the article A Delicious Contradiction, which compares Abraham's 1990 discussion on crop circles with a 2004 discussion on crop circles. Today, I have clips from both workshops, side by side, so that everyone can assess what Abraham is "really saying" for themselves.

In the 1990 version, Abraham discusses how "they [beings of a physical nature from another dimension]" are "setting down" on wheat to collect seismic data. In the 2004 version, Abraham says that crop circles are entirely man made.

*Clips are used under Fair Use for criticism and are minimal portions of Abraham Hicks Publications' workshops.


Alaska 2004

Stay tuned. I will be posting audio clips from other Abraham contradictions/errors.