Who Is Esther Hicks?

Esther Hicks is a New York Times best-selling author who claims to communicate for a group of nonphysical beings. These beings, through Esther, give workshops and write books, offering people advice on how to improve their health, wealth, and relationships using various metaphysical laws.

Esther and Jerry: Get Your Story Straight!

There are interesting inconsistencies in Jerry and Esther's memories of their first encounters with Abraham. Let's just take a gander at A New Beginning I (published in 1988) and Ask and it is Given (published in 2005)

Excerpted from A New Beginning I (page 5):

JERRY: Esther's head was rolling gently, but erratically, as I looked up in response to her squeal of delight, "They are spelling the alphabet with my nose!" That was November of 1985 and the "they" was a group of Non-physical beings who call themselves Abraham.

Excerpted from Ask and it is Given:

ESTHER: I realized that my head was not randomly moving about, but it was as if my nose was spelling letters in the air. “M-N-O-P” is what I realized it was. “Jerry,” I shouted, “I’m spelling letters with my nose!”  [A few lines later.] “Jerry quickly took out his notebook and began writing down the letters, as my nose wrote them in the air: “I AM ABRAHAM. I AM YOUR SPIRITUAL GUIDE.”

Esther tells it the same way in the Introductory CD.

This may seem trite, but tell me, who’s right? Did she say “I’m spelling letters” or “they are spelling letters”, cause Jerry, if she is saying they, that would be very odd, considering she didn’t even know in this first sitting that there was a they to Abraham. She thought it was an I. She states this in every interview she does. It is also emphasized in both A New Beginning and Ask and it is Given.

Here is another example.

From A New Beginning I (page 6):

JERRY: And it was two months later, as we were driving on a Phoenix freeway, that Esther said, "I think they are going to speak through me," and Abraham's first words were, "This freeway is too dangerous...Take the next exit" and we did.

From Ask and it is Given:

ESTHER: And in that very moment, the first words that Abraham spoke through my mouth burst out, “Take the next exit!”

Esther says the ladder quote in the Introductory CD.

Obviously Abraham's first words were not all that memorable. Either "Take the next exit" burst out, or "This freeway is too dangerous" burst out. I find it interesting that nearly 10 years later, the story is revised to exclude Abraham calling the freeway dangerous. You see, when A New Beginning I was published, it was discussing the looming dangers of earth changes, so it made sense that Abraham would warn people of things. 17 years later, in Ask and it is Given, Abraham is just leading us to good things and not warning us of the bad, so the warning is omitted.

In another instance, Esther struggles to remember their early encounters with Sheila, a channeler who allegedly helped lead them to their Abraham experience:

From Ask and it is Given:

ESTHER: Theo said with a tone of finality, “God’s love unto you!” and Sheila opened her eyes and sat up. Our extraordinary conversation with Theo had ended. After Jerry and I left the house, we drove to a lookout point on the side of one of the Phoenix mountains and leaned against the
car, staring off into the distance watching the sunset. We had no idea of the transformation that had taken place within us that day. We only knew that we felt wonderful…

From Peter Beamish’s interview The Secret Behind the Secret [after meeting with Sheila]:

ESTHER: So we left that meeting, and we--I don’t ever remember ever feeling better. It was more of a feeling thing that happened to me than an intellectual thing that happened because it all happened so fast. And so, we left, and I remember we wentwe went directly home, closed the drapes…

They agree with the second one, from the Peter Beamish interview, in their Introductory CD.